Hilltop Nissan - A crime has been committed!

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i purchased a car i couldn't afford,brought it back in the morning,told hilltop Nissan,east Hanover,NJ that i can't afford it plus a high insurance bill.

they screamed and yelled no!i thought i had buyers remorse and they'd get me a car i could afford.

they laughed at me.i had my friend co-sign for me.if i don't pay the payments,i lose a friend.

so i have been paying the car payments.the dealership added an extended warranty on it-$2000.00 more.i get social security only $991.00 a monthand the cost car &ins. is $450.00.help!

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your the dumbest person in the world


you are right, i feel horrible and know i made a mistake--i just wanted to complain that i was so pressured and sick while at the dealership. thanks for your time and comment.


Why buy a car you could not afford, why drive off in a car you cannot afford?Why risk a friendship over your pathetic credit rating?

Where is your brain?Perhaps on a sabbatical, you are an amalgam of the credit mortgage crisis, thanks to people like you, mindless simpletons we all have to pay higher prices on goods and services, higher taxes to supplement your stupidity...

Volkel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #45946

$300.00 a month :cry

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